Thursday, 27 March 2014

Invitation for Kantong and Replay

"Kantong" The celebration for Kun Tuu's ID card
DATE: 4/5
SPACE: Wat care Nanglerng,
 Lan Luang soi 1, Pomprap Sattrupai, Bangkok 10100
TIME: 10am~1530pm (Lunch time between 12pm and13pm)

"Replay" The short performance and artist talk
DATE: 4/10
SPACE: Speedy Granma,
 672/50-52 Soi Charoenkrung 28 Bangrak Bangrak, Bangkok, 10500
TIME: 20pm

Performance    Mai Nakabayashi
Direction Chiharu Shinoda
Sound   Ryuhei Asano
Image   Kota Ishi

Talk-session with
Tang Fu kuen
Nawarat Welployngram

Hello, sawasdee,
everyone is fine?
So now do you feel 
"Oh, I wanna go to some paradise", 
don't you?
So I can suggest this distention for you.
Come to thailand around this two month!
Why not?
Beautifull beach, relaxing massage, cheap under hair wax,
good foods, too much summer,
so many reason for thailand.
But, you have to come around these dates,
you know, you can choose it.


Book it now.
And then, you will see my performance too.

I have a new production called 
"It's my turn" on this May 24th-25th.
For that show I start rehearsal from this month,
 this fuckin' hot hell month.

I have two different works in progress in early April.

First ; "Kantong" will play on April 5.
This "Kantong" is the one of a repertory of Lakhon Chatri, that is the Thai traditional dance.

Second; The short performance and artist talk 
at speedy grandma on April 10.

We want to make a resurrection for Lakhon Chatri,
 the thai traditional dance which is now a dying art.
Japanese performer, Mai Nakabayashi, will come to Nang Lerng and stay 2 weeks for learning "Lakhon Chatri" with Kanya Tippayosot; 
the last traditional Lakhon Chatri performer in Nang Lerng.
The end of this residency,
 Mai will join one scene of "Kantong" that is a story from Lakhon Chatri. 
And she will also show small dance from different story.

Originally, Lakhon Chatri are invited to play in several ceremonies 
eg. wedding, funeral or kae bon.
 Lakhon Chatri can also perform without those purpose. 
We can say that sometimes it only perform just for a traditional dance show. 
Otherwise, this time we want to make Lakhon Chatri in the way it used to be, in other words, for some purpose.
 Our show will have "host" who invited Lakhon Chatri to play in his/her event.

This time we arrange "Kantong" for the celebration for Kun Tuu,
 a 65 years old homeless guy who just got the ID card which he never had before.
We will invite many people who helped him to get the ID card. 

After "Kantong" project,
I try to reconstruct with Mai's performance into 20 minutes short performance.
After that, we will show this performance and then go the artist talk.
We have two guests for this talk-session; Tang Fu kuen and Nawarat Welployngam. 

Tang Fu Kuen knows about the situation of theatre around asia. 
And he knows me not only in bangkok, so I'm really happy to talk with him.
Nawarat Welployngram who was born, live and work on community art projects in Nang Lerng and also the production partner of "It's my turn".
Did you book already?
This blog is long enough to book the ticket.
If you finished now, you can book it too@@@
See you in fuckin summer.

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