Friday, 30 November 2012

When is your Y o'clock?

How do I know that I am already an adult or still a child?

Of course i am 30 years old,
i can say i am an adult well-done.
but i can find 8 years old of me in myself
and she looks at the world through my 30 years old view too.
3 years old of me, 10 years old of me, 14 years and 18 years old of me also.

All of them still in myself ask me,
" Hey, shin-chan whats goin' on now? i don know this sight. i don know this sound. i don know this feeling!" 

I remember that i sat down on the garden, 
and just spend the time to see outside untill night was coming.
My body was the door of world and that door opened everytime.

When i was a real child (maybe until 25 years old??? あは、chotto slowly ne~~~)
sometime i couldnot manage myself.
i didn know how could i releave huge enagy that is inside of me.
at that time, friend who is older than me helped to forget and escape from the situation.

Now i understand what they thought about me.

they met again to 8 years old of them.
and i met before 20 years of me before.

Y o'clock is magic time.

we trast each other and exchange our position that we have to stay at normal time.

Tomorrow and day after tomorrow,

faifai and children show "A story of Y o'clock" to all of kids who will be grow-up soon, and all of adult who was kids before.

A story of Y o'clock 
-children's house version-
12/1  16:00~
12/2 14:00~
door open from 1hours before the show
and we open special festival at this time!!!!!!!

at 3rd floor of Hikarigaoka-kumin center 
2-9-6 Hikarigaoka Nerima-ku

FAIFAI meets "Children's house"

FAIFAI and children recreate our production that named " A story of Y o'clock" 

A story of Y o'clock" is one of masterpiece of us that was played on tokyo, yamaguchi, singapore in 2010.
This story takes place in an after-school daycare center. 
There is not school and home but "third place" for children.
During summer vacation, when all the other kids already returned home and before he is picked up, Yoji and his "bro", the assistant teacher, hang out together in their own fantasy world. 
The name Yoji gave this magic time is "Y o´ clock". 
However, as the end of summer draws near, Yoji suddenly reveals: 
"Tomorrow, they´ll transfer me to another school."

By this project, children join and perform in a new version and participate to make stage art, props, and costume.
Please come and see our new "third place",
that is "Y o'clock" of us.

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